Patient Info

Your Rights


As a patient, you have certain rights according to the care and health law including:

Your Responsibilities

As a patient, you also have a few responsibilities such as:

Your Privacy

As a patient, you have the right to privacy. This means that you have a right to receive the highest quality health care service and treatment with privacy and confidentiality. The hospital must ensure confidentiality of your personal health information and to provide you with same sex accommodation with the exception of specific clinical needs. You will share a room, toilet and bathroom with same sex patients.

Having a Surgery

The research shows that patients who are well prepared for surgery recover much faster. What to expect and how to prepare will extensively be explained to you by your physician. But it is also a good idea to consult with the surgeon who will be performing the operation and of course, follow his/her recommendations carefully. If you do not follow the instructions you were given before surgery, the latter may be postponed or cancelled, depending on the type of operation and the emergency of your condition.

Hospital Treatment

The medical staff may use devices to monitor patients to both ensure safety for the patients and themselves. During your hospital stay, you will be closely monitored for progress of recovery as well as for signs of potential complications, while the staff will also do everything in their power to make your hospital stay as comfortable and painless as possible. It is crucial, however, to actively participate in your treatment plan. You will also be prepared for a discharge and given detailed instructions for follow-up care and rehabilitation at home.

Please note that while in the hospital you: